Irish party, chalet and flea market

Work:  Not much to report these days.  We are seeing patients 3 days a week.  Our no-show rate is quite high.  You can generally expect a patient to arrive within a 1-2 hour window of their scheduled appointment.  There are so many challenges above and beyond simply teaching the nurses about their role in the clinic.  The entire culture surrounding health care  is so different.  I really hope we can get people to understand they need to show up for their appointments on time and that this isn’t a walk in clinic.  The language barrier makes things even more challenging.  Everything takes twice as long because of the need for an interpreter.  None of this stuff is a surprise though….  I am busy making clinic posters and instruction sheets which are then being translated into Arabic.  This place is full of potential PDSA’s (AIM will haunt me forever).

It is so dusty here

view from Leila's chalet

Staying 'hydrated'

Play:  The weather is mild.  The only bad thing about it is the dust.  The entire sky is a dirty brown colour and it’s just too dusty to go outside.  I went to an Irish Ball last weekend.  Another late night.  I think the last time I was up at 4am was when I was still working in CCU.  I have really lucked out meeting such a great group of people….Canadians, Americans, Irish, British, French, Kuwaiti….We had ‘English Tea’ (said with British accent) last weekend.  I made scones and some almond pastry thing.  I am growing both professionally AND personally!   I never expected to come here and BAKE.  Some things don’t change though, I had to toss the first batch of scones away because of missed ingredients.  I just can’t seem to follow a recipe…. (sound familiar Syd?)  I have a few days off in April.  I am thinking of going to Jordan.  I have pretty much given up on the Africa trip before I go home.  I will likely stay in the Middle East, probably Egypt.

Yeah, I made that

so domestic

Once again, all the pictures are out of order, no idea how to fix it.  Blogging clearly isn’t my thing.  Ellen from the Victoria Heart Failure clinic has arrived.  She is going to be working with me in the clinic.  I am really looking forward to having someone else around.  I can get so caught up in the little details of things…it will be nice to have someone to tell me when it’s time to get on with it.