I have been here a month already!

Work:  we officially opened the “Heart Failure/Transplant/Inpatient Consult Clinic”!  That’s a mouthful.  We will stick with calling it the Cardiac Function Clinic although it will cover all of those aspects of HF.  So now I have to hurry up and learn what I can about Transplant.  My initial reaction was “I don’t do transplant” but I have Wayne here so why not take advantage of this opportunity and learn what I can?  I wouldn’t get to do this at home.  And I am rounding with him on the wards.   So back to the opening….we had 3 busy days.  There are kinks to be worked out (mostly equipment issues) but overall, it went well!  The clinic space is great and I hope to take some pictures soon.  I am waiting until some of the nurses warm up to me and let me take their picture.  Next week I start up with the teaching sessions for the nurses again.  We have covered anatomy and general HF so far.  Next we will cover what the purpose of the clinic is and cardiac assessment.

Update:  I had my first ‘dozers’ in class this week.  And I thought it was one of my better lectures.  Last week they couldn’t understand me and this week I put them to sleep.  

Play:  We went to the Souk this weekend.  Again, I carried my camera around my neck but was too timid to actually pick it up and use it.  I purposely wore a black shirt so it wouldn’t be so obvious.  What a joke.  I don’t blend and I should just stop trying.  When we were in the meat market,  I was afraid to ask permission to take pictures…. I didn’t want to offend anyone (there was some crazy looking stuff there).  As it turned out, they asked me to take pictures of their stands.  When we reached the fish market, I considered hiding my camera because of the attention it attracted.  As you can see, the men in the fish market were happy to have their photos taken.  I underestimate how friendly and open people can be.  The pictures are pretty self explanatory.  They had a meat and fish market, lots of toys, clothes and fruit.  I will definitely be going back to do a little shopping.  I think I will wait for the other Canadian ladies to arrive (looking forward to that!).